Jul 27, 2020

Healthcare Sales Have Gone Digital: Your Guide to The Anatomy of a Modern Sales Organization

Modern Healthcare Sales

The world has changed quickly.

Many unique events have further driven our reliance on technology, especially technology used to grow our businesses. It has become clear that the way we introduce our solutions into the marketplace has changed with it.

Healthcare, which has traditionally been able to thrive through outdated methods, can no longer ignore that digital communication is becoming the most effective and scalable way to engage prospects, introduce solutions, and drive more sales. 

In this article, my goal is to guide business leaders through the anatomy of a modern sales organization. A structure that is a tried-and-true solution for B2B selling and is built for efficiency, performance, and scalability.

A shift in mindset from outbound to inbound sales

The modern sales organization begins with an understanding that in the Information Age, there are tactics to generate awareness and drive enough education to get the prospect to “raise their hand” and show interest (In fact, according to a report by Forrester, 68% of B2B customers prefer to research independently online). This is an important topic as it introduces how marketing and sales work together very closely to engage target prospects in today's sales organizations. 

An effective collaboration leverages a feedback loop from Sales on what information is needed (or is in demand), while Marketing works to distribute that information along with the brand. Effective collaboration combined with online lead acquisitions strategies is the basis for online lead generation. This is then supported by an inside sales process in which accountability and touch points along the buyer's journey often live in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management ) tool.

Anatomy of the modern healthcare sales organization 

The anatomy of a modern sales organization is a smooth transition from marketing to sales working together on the execution of a complex buyer's journey:

Marketing Team 

  • Marketing Lead & Strategist: Sees the big picture and understands execution-level components. Develops a short- and long-term growth strategy and actionable plan.

  • UX & Graphic Designer: Produces high-quality experiences and graphics that tell the story of your solution and portrays the value points of your company.

  • Website Developer: Quickly turns designs and web experiences into realities, allowing marketers to learn and iterate rapidly.

  • Growth Marketer: Focuses on creating digital demand through organic channels, paid channels, and content strategies to convert leads.

  • Content Specialist: Tells the brand story, while pushing individuals through a sales journey. Handles website content, ad copy, and email content.


Sales Team

  • Sales Development Representative (SDR): Focuses on inbound lead qualification and scheduling appointments.

  • Account Executive (AE): Responsible for closing deals. They manage qualified leads until they convert them to paying customers.

  • Customer Success Manager (CSM): Ensures that customers are happy and do not churn. They aim to maximize Customer Lifetime Value.

  • Sales Operations / CRM Support: Pending your size this is a single or multiple roles (often complex CRM setup requires a “salesforce admin” for example) responsible for the processes, tools, and technologies that support the Sales and Marketing teams of a company. This role can focus on tracking the sales data and streamlining operations so sales can focus on revenue generating activities.  

    • Revenue Operations: With today’s complex business models and fast moving commission structures, a great hire as you scale your inbound team is a revenue ops or revenue manager role.  This role creates and enforces financial policies, commission planning and tracking, revenue recognition strategies to maximize company revenue, and oversees the revenue analysis and reporting on a recurring basis.

    The Time Is Now: 

    In our latest ebook, we stated Healthcare's digital transformation has begun, successful organizations will adapt to this opportunity, embrace the innovation, and outgrow the competition. Healthcare is no longer immune to market forces. The time to take action, build for the future, and invest in a modern (and scalable) sales and marketing system is now. 


    Daniel Sosa - Daniel@growwithom.com →  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dsosa1/

    Founder at GrowwithOM.com: Healthcare-focused performance marketing agency

    Daniel is a growth marketer with years of experience in scaling high performing b2b and healthcare organizations. Daniel has had repeated success in building scalable marketing and sales frameworks through the use of digital strategies and effective analytics.

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